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Editing Non-Eyetv Mpeg2 Transport Streams



Is the editor within Toast able to open non-EyeTV mpeg2/h.264 HD transport streams, trim out commercials,

and export out as a new transport stream, without touching the audio or video, and able to handle ts's with multiple audio streams?


Also, is the Toast editor the same I frame only editor like EyeTV, or does it work like VideoReDo and can re-encode only at the edit points when cut at non-I frame edits?


Can toast open say a 1920x1080 mkv with h.264 video and re-encode to mpeg2 in ts container?


thank you

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Without having those specific video formats I can't answer for sure. Toast's editor will work with MPEG 2 videos from sources other than EyeTV. It works with my Tivo HD transfers but I don't have anything that shoots mkv. I don't know for sure but I'm guessing the MPEG 2 editor is I frame although there is both a normal and fine setting. H.264 videos are trimmed in the Toast application itself rather than in the Toast Video Player used for MPEG 2 trimming. It works on the same principal of non-destructive marking of in and out points. As for saving in a ts container, if you choose Save as Disc Image with a Blu-ray project there will be a .mts video contained within the disc image that can be copied out as a individual video file. The videos can be directly saved using the convert window to DV, HDV, H.264, MPEG-4 and any QuickTime Movie format using the Toast Convert window.


I haven't looked into the handling of multiple audio streams. I don't think I have any source for that.


You can purchase Toast as a download from Roxio and they offer a 30-day refund policy in case the application doesn't meet your needs or you are otherwise unsatisfied.

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