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Sony Avchd 1080I Format (.m2Ts) Not Recognized By Creator 2010 Pro

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Just procured a Sony HDR-XR550V camcoder and created some video clips in AVCHD 1080i Format (.m2ts). ROXIO Creator 2010 Pro does not recognize these clip files? Files are alright using Sony's PMB program but has limited editing capabilities. Any suggestion from my learned collegues?


1) Use PMB program to output those videos to a high defintion mpg2 file if you can or

2) Use a third party converter to convert those files.(go to cnet.com to find one that works).


3) Add them to Edit Video Advanced (Video Wave) to do the editing.


m2ts is a derivative of mpeg2ts which Creator supports. BTW I did add m2ts files from a Panasonic camcorder to Creator 2011 and it took those with no problems. What happens if you add the m2ts files you have to Video Wave. It may take them after doing a conversion. Sometimes that works and other times you lose the audio so you have to resort to 1) or 2)


4) Call Sony and complain why they don't want to use a standard video format !

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I would bet you recorded in HD FX mode???


Try it with HD FH and see what happens.



Thanks Jim.

I recorded in HD HQ. I will try other modes tomorrow and report. The available modes are


Internal hard disk


High definition image quality (HD) in h (hour) and m


Recording mode Recording time


[HD FX] 23 h 22 h 50 m

[HD FH] 29 h 20 m 29 h 10 m

[HD HQ] 59 h 30 m 59 h 20 m



96 h 30 m 96 h 10 m



101 h 20 m 101 h

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I didn't dig through the manual, but I am guessing that FX & FH are the only 2 that will record in 1920 X 1080...


The FX HQ is most likely 1440 X 1080.


If you could, it would be nice if you could film a short 5 to 10 second clip at each setting and post them on a hosting site like UpForDown...


That way we could download the files and try them out :D

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