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Chapters In Toast 10



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First, I'll provide some background. You can have up to 99 (maybe 98) titles on a DVD and each title can have up to 99 chapters. A title is a video you add to the Video window. The menu will have a thumbnail button and a brief text description. Toast also calls chapters "Scenes" and you have the option to have Toast include a scene menu. The scene menu has thumbnail images from the start of each chapter and no text. When you click on the title thumbnail on the DVD you get the first page of scene thumbnails and then must click the first of those to start playback.


Chapters can be added in various ways. If using iMovie or Final Cut you can create chapter markers that Toast will recognized as the scene markers when Automatic (the default) is selected in Toast. You can see the marker setting by clicking Edit next to the title, then click video. The setting for the markers is on the left of the window. You'll also see there are options for having chapters in time intervals which you set here.


I'm thinking you are going to want your exercise videos to have chapters that are better described in the chapter menu than what Toast does. This means you need to use a different application than Toast to author your video DVD. If you know someone who has Final Cut then they also have DVD Studio Pro which probably is better suited to your need. It may be worth paying someone to do this for you.

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