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Help With Sound, Menu, Etc. In Vers. 10.3.104



I recently puchased the Windows 7, version 10.3.104, Build: 101B04A, ECD. With no manual or documentation, and having never used this product previously, I'm having a little initial difficulty. I'm trying to create a DVD, to be played on my television DVD player, that will scroll through photos with accompanied background music. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

#1: when butning to DVD is it necessary to set EP, LP, SP or HQ?

#2: after adding photos I want to add music from a standard CD. How do I get it to recognize the CD or music file type?

#3: when getting ready to burn the DVD I want to set the Menu screen. What is the purpose of the small picture that replicates the Menu photo? If I delete it I delete the photo I want to use. Also, how do I use a different photo other than the first one in the file?

#4: The DVD will not play on my PC using Windows Media Player. It just freezes on the menu screen. What do I have to do?


Thanks, in advance, for all help, Pat

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Did you look under Help – Tutorial or Help (F1)?


$30 software isn’t going to include a book that costs $25 to print and bind :lol: So the Help files are there to be used.


Although a little caution because they do contain many items that are left out of the Red Box version.


The answers depend a little on if you decide to use the Slideshow Assistant under Photo or MyDVD Express under Video. Or a combination of the programs.


1. You should always set your DVD to HQ and never leave it at Fit to Disc! Disc Capacity is based on TIME:



HQ = 1:06

SP = 1:37

LP = 2:22

ELP = 3:04


8.5 Gb:

HQ = 2:00

SP = 2:57

LP = 4:19

ELP = 5:35


Quality drops off fast whenever anything less than HQ is used…


2. You have to use the Audio program, Rip CDs to convert the CD Music tracks into usable audio files such as mp3 first.


MyDVD Express does not allow for this, adding music… A trick you can use with Slideshows, it to create different ones in Slideshow Assistant w/music and output them as a file.


Then use MyDVD express and add the files either as separate Titles or combined into one Title.


3. That is also your ‘movie’, delete it and there is nothing left… You cannot change the Thumbnail in this version. You can use a background that is Text Only…


4. Your PC probably does not have the needed DVD codecs. If it plays on a DVD Player, then the disc is fine.


You can download the free VLC Player which is a good to have player: VLC


Get a disc or 2 of DVD RW media (eraseable) to use while learning and experimenting.


It is a very basic program, if you find the program too confining, you might consider moving up to one of the Creator Suites. Just make sure your PC meets or exceeds the requirements. ;)

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Thank you for responding to my questions regarding my difficulties creating a Slideshow using Easy CD & DVD. I think I've overcome most of the issues.


I download VLC as per your recommendation and it's helping with viewing on my PC.


I was able to Rip my CD choice into a MP3 format. I selected my photos and added the audio. I wasn't clear on where I could create a Text background for the menu page but that's not the biggest question.


The slideshow proceeds fine through about the 23:50 mark (at photo 324 of 744) and then it starts inserting a blank black screen (slide) after every two that are displayed. The audio continues but every third slide is an all black picture.

(Pat replied with the above in a Private Message. If there is no need for privacy I do not respond there ;) )


It ‘sounds’ as though you are working in the Slideshow Assistant… For the ‘Black Pictures’ it is a video card/chip issue!


Check on your PC manufactures site for update but if none found, go to the site for the Card/Chip manufacture.


Also, in Slideshow Assistant, you can choose Options and set Render to Software. Do this regardless of what the Hardware Test may indicate!


post-39730-008376100 1296649426.jpg


For the “Text”, you will have to create a Photo (PhotoSuite) with the Text in that and utilize that.


PLEASE always post the Program or programs you are using!!! Even this little package has about 25 different programs making it hard to guess which one you are referring to :(

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