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Lost images or sound after encoding.



Help please,


I created a couple of groovy slideshows using MYDVD out of the V8 Suite, after a sucessful burn of the project to a Memorex DVD-R 16x Disc I noticed that chunks of audio and slides would come up missing. Being a good little researcher I read through the discussion forum and got the general idea that Videowave was a better solution for creating slideshows...which is what I did.


Now that I once again have a likable project I tried to burn another disc, this time all looks good i.e.. lettered slides, transitions and audio..except.. I have missing images that have been replaced by black slides. The time duration of the slides are the same, the audio plays right along but no image, I count 12 out of 333 slides missing.


I tried creating an image then copying that image direct to disk but that created a .wmv that had no audio and could not be recognized by DVD players.


Any idea why I continually get bad results upon encoding and burning?

If I create a disk image first how do I then create a DVD disc from the image?

If I have to many slides, can I break them up into chapters in the same project..or do I need to create seperate projects?


P.S. All of my projects look perfect during the previews available in MYDVD and Videowave. :)


Sorry for all the questions, I'm a Newbie Ya know.

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Any chance you used a 3D transition before the missing images? Have you run the graphics test?



Hey Gary,


I did run the graphics test, although I saw no difference between the hardware and software results. The missing images do not follow a 3D transition, they follow other still images. The slides following the few 3D transitions I have are fine...I am using diffusion transition for all of the slides except the few I mentioned.


Thanks for you reply.


P.S. I saved a .ISO image last night and am getting ready to burn it using classic copy, I'll let you know the results.

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I saw no difference between the hardware and software results. .
Teh 3D transitions and Effects are NOT available when set to software render and is intended for those video cards that do not support the 3D functions in DirectX 9. I see that you updated your signature and your video cards should not be a problem. Just make sure you have the latest ATI drivers and DirectX (jun2006).
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