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Automatically Create Breaks Or Sections?



I'm not sure what you call this or if the program even has this feature. I'll do my best to explain. In my old program Pinnacle, if I import a video, I am able to have Pinnacle develop a timeline or section of video depending on the action it "sees".

What happens instead of having one long single timeline, it will break it up into sections based on some algorithm and it makes working with video much easier and quicker.


As an example, say I was at a car show, I was taking video of still cars in a paddock, then I took some video of cars running down a drag strip, then some more video of cars sitting in a paddock, then perhaps an awards ceremony and finally some other random scene. Pinnacle would read the video and automatically break it up into 5 sections, paddock cars, then the dragstrip, then back to paddock, awards, and then the random scene. It has been fairly accurate creating the breaks and all and I want to know if their is an option in Roxio that does the same thing?


I know that it has the option of making a video automatically using a clip twice as long as the music, but that is not what I am talking about here just to clear that up now.

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