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Missing audio with video capture




Trying to do something rather simple, capture some video from my camcorder. It comes with a docking station and a USB interface cable. Connect, launch Media Import, select device (Sony Digital Imaging Video2), begin playback/capture all fine ... except no sound. Not sure why it's asking me for a sound source, since I'm using the USB connection, I assumed it would use the default sound device on the motherboard.

Note: I use this computer for music development and have an E-MU 1820 with an E-MU 1010 interface card that has a firewire port. Would it be helpful to use this port instead of the USB connection?



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Looking at the Sony website, I didn't see the HC32, but the HC36 is a miniDV tape camcorder. Yes, you should be using firewire. The included USB is normally used to transfer still images or connect the camcorder as a 'webcam'. When used as a 'webcam' through the USB, audio is NOT in the stream plus the resolution is most likely lower, too.


Buy a good firewire cable and you shouldn't have any trouble capturing full DV AVI quality.


Any chance the EMU 1820 is a 24bit sound card? EMC8 only supports 8bit and 16bit audio capture. If your sound card does not support 8bit or 16bit, you 'may' have trouble capturing audio.

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