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Lps To Cds Or Mp3S



I would like to copy some old vinyl LPs and have Creator 2011 plus all the adapters that came with the package.

What else do I need, and does my LP turntable need to have a preamp? When I sent a question to support, they directed me to

another additional product. Has anyone out there in forum land done this successfully?

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Whether or not you need a preamp depends on your turntable. If in the past (or currently) you hooked it up to a "phono" input on a receiver or integrated amp, then, yes, you need a preamp. The good news is, if your receiver or amp is still in service, you can use the preamp. Simply take the Tape Out , or Tape Rec signal and feed that into your USB device. (You'll need to select "Phono" on your Receiver/Amp, and have it powered on.)


Oh... what Creator 2011 package do you have? Did it come with a USB device for capturing Audio/Video? If not, you can use the Line In (blue port) on your sound card.


Hope that helps!

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