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Different Audio Issue



I purchased VHS to DVD for my mac and it worked perfectly four about a week! I was able to make multiple transfers with it hooked up to our old Sony Handycam Hi8. Then all of a sudden, tonight it stopped it working. I can still view the video but audio does not come through. I've tried the following things


1. Updated the software.


2. Opened the program and waited to be prompted to plug in the USB reader.


3. Once it was plugged in, i did not plug in RCA cables until prompted.


4. On the Internet, someone said to unplug it while recording. Tried that, too.


5. Occasionally when i connect the cords. the video will not show up unless i press the mute button in the program. (Not my computer's mute.) I've tried leaving it muted and unmuted and restarting.


6. I've also tried deleting the entire program and reinstalling.


I will call customer support tomorrow but i was wondering if any of you had some insight into this issue. Most of the problems seems like they are for audio not working from the very beginning so I couldn't resolve my problem.


Thanks in advance. :)

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