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Editing Video_Ts Files



I would like to extract the main movie from a VIDEO_TS folder and write it to a .iso file (no transcoding or compression & will not burn to optical media). With little success, what am I doing wrong?


I have extracted a VIDEO_TS directory (with all files inside) from a DVD (didn't use Toast for that). I have dragged the dir to the VIDEO_TS Folders pane of Toast and choose options -> video -> custom to select the main movie and deselect everything else. Deselect 'include dvd-rom content'. The summary shows I have chosen a single movie (menu: no, auto compression: off).


Then I can choose 'fit-to-dvd compression'. I would deselect because I want the movie in original quality. However when I deselect the custom selection of movies disappears and the summary lists all movies and extras. So I will keep 'fit-to-dvd compression' selected. Then I can choose 'write to disk image' and toast will ask me to choose between single and double layer (although I'm not interested to optical media, I want to write to file only). Whatever I choose Toast will then end with an unspecified error.


What am I doing wrong?


I'm running Toast 10.0.8 on mac os x 10.6.6.

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Thank you for the work around. I worked perfectly. I now have an iso with clutter removed and no transcoding. Great.


This is of course not a small bug but a major function of the software that is broken. How can QA @ Roxio let this happen?

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Part of what you're encountering is a bug in the current version of Toast 10. The bug makes it so you cannot deselect any content from the source VIDEO_TS folder without getting that error. Fortunately there is a workaround.


Choose DVD-video as the format in the Toast Video window. Place your VIDEO_TS folder on the desktop or in the Movies folder. Make sure the Toast Media Browser (a separate window) is open. If not, you can open it via the Windows menu. Choose DVD with the top button of the media browser. Double-click on the text that appears in the browser window. You will see a list of each title that's contained in the VIDEO_TS folder. Drag the one(s) you want to the main Toast window.


When Toast is finished extracting the videos from the VIDEO_TS folder (they are written to the Roxio Converted Items folder in your Documents folder) you can prepare a menu for the DVD if you like. If you don't want a menu you need to select that option. If the size will fit on a single-layer disc just click the burn button. If it is still too big choose Save as Disc Image. When Toast finishes writing the disc image choose that file with the Image File setting in the Copy window. Toast then will do its fit-to-DVD compression when you click the burn button.

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