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Mpeg2 / Mpeg4



I can't get enough time on my wife's MacBook to capture our old tapes, so I'm capturing them on my Windows Vista PC and I'll edit them on her machine with iMovie. I've captured a couple of hours worth and transfered the files to her MacBook. Now, I've just discovered that iMovie doesn't seem to recognize MPEG2 - it required MPEG4 - and I didn't think to capture them as such. I've capture them as MPEG2.


Is there a way to convert them from MPEG2 to MPEG4? Or do I have to re-capture and save as MPEG4?



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Odd... I can't find a version number. Under "About this software" I can only see "Build 201B23A". But exporting to "Computer" under "Advanced Settings" I CAN select MPEG4 (also MPEG2 and WMV). I guess I was looking for a good alternative to re-capturing what I've already done - simply converting the MPEG2 files I've already created to MPEG4 files.

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OK. I must have mis-stated something. Thanks for your help.

Nothing mis-stated???


You found the way you can convert them from within V2D. There are hundreds of converters out there as Google will turn up :lol:


Better question would be when will MAC join the rest of the world then none of this would be needed :o


Here is a list of what Roxio's Suites will handle: KB Article (aka ~ flexibility ;) )


Oops, old list, here is the one for 2011.

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