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Cd Text With Imac And Toast



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This confuses a lot of people. Macs don't read CD Text. iTunes doesn't write it, either. When you see track/artist/album information in the Finder the Mac is reading that from a cdinfo database file that iTunes writes to the hard drive. The Mac isn't reading this from the CD. CD Text, on the other hand, is written to the disc but only can be read by some CD Players that have CD Text capability. I've never had one of those players.


The CD Text written to the disc is read by Toast. Insert a Toast-burned audio CD and choose Disc Info from the Recorder menu. You'll see the information displayed. Toast also will use that info if you drag tracks from the CD to Toast. Meanwhile, Apple doesn't allow Toast or other third-party applications to write to the Mac's cdinfo database, so burning with Toast doesn't get that updated like it does when burning from iTunes.


At dougscripts.com you can download a "CD Text to cdinfo" applescript that makes it easy to transfer the CD Text from the disc into iTunes where it automatically gets written to the database file. This applescript works from within iTunes.

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