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Audio Garbled On Video On Windows 7 Installation



Hope someone can help with this strange problem. Installed roxio 11 on my home computer, windows xp. Had no problem editing videos and was super happy with the program.


I have a second home and travel back and forth for a month or two at a time. I needed to work on some video editing while here for a month, so brought the roxio program along with all my video files on an external travel drive, and installed it on this computer, which is a new desktop windows 7 computer.


Strangely, the videos all have garbled sound, sort of like what a TV makes when it's turned to a channel that's not broadcasting. I have tried absolutely everything I know to try to figure out why this is happening. At first thought I had somehow messed up the video sound files when I transferred them onto the travel drive, especially because windows media player also couldn't play them. But then I tried installing VLC media player and they play and sound perfect. So the video files are fine.


Does anyone have any idea as to why the program might work fine on XP but not windows 7? Are there any settings I need to play with for my audio card or something like that?


Has anyone else had a similar problem? I'm really stumped, and also a bit desperate as I have to edit these video files for work purposes.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you, Bongogirl


PS - The program was installed from a downloaded version I purchased from roxio. I don't have a CD version.

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[nitpicking on] The product is Creator 2011, there is no such thing as “roxio 11” [nitpicking off] ;)


I trust you burned a backup DVD with your download??? You only get so many downloads before you are cut off!


Most likely the problem is your Video Card drivers need updated. Creator relies heavily on using the Video Card or Chip in the PC for processing! VLC does not.


Check on the PC Manufactures site for updates and if none are present, check the card manufactures site for your model.


Win-Pause keys – Device Manager:


post-39730-064023200 1296992533.jpg

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Hi Jim,


Thanks so much for your suggestion. Windows said the driver was up to date, but I did download/update the driver directly from NVIDIA just in case.


Was really hopeful as it did appear to change my screen resolution. But unfortunately, it did not change anything in video wave. Still nothing but static on the native sound tracks for all my videos.


Any other suggestions?


Thanks so much, Bongogirl

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Wondering if anyone has any suggestions on this problem. Now I'm home and the same thing is happening on my other windows 7 computer. I can only edit video on the computer with XP.


My videographer says it's probably a codec issue. Wondering if anyone agrees and if there is a codec I can install that will help. Here is his reply:


"My guess is in fact, a codec issue.


In many ways, Windows 7 is less versatile than Windows XP. There are several Audio / Video features removed in the name of digital copy protection.


VLC is known to play everything. It would also suggest that the codec is in your computer somewhere. Roxio is just not accessing it."


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks so much, Bongogirl

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