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Roxio Video Quality



just bought the easy vhs to dvd and connected vhs vcr with rca cables to computer and captured video to c drive. played new mpg file back with windows media player and compared on a 42 inch tv. The vcr direct picture was better than the roxio converted mpg file. Is this my imagination or is this to be expected? If so, how can I capture vhs video into a digital file without any degradation?

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Any MPEG 2 encoding of a video will result in some degradation. Using a S-video connection rather than composite may help a little. Using a video stabilizer or video processor between the VHS player and Roxio device can help as well. Some video processors can tweak the video quality. It's possible that some of the commercial VHS to DVD transfer businesses use that kind of device. Another approach is to use a DV converter or DV camcorder that has digital pass-through to encode the video as DV rather than MPEG 2. El Gato sells a device that captures as h.264 MPEG 4 but I don't know of any quality comparisons of these different capture units.

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