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Easy Audio Capture



Please be aware, Easy Audio Capture (like other capture programs) has a problem when capturing extremely long .WAV files.


The Fault

Capture of audio to a .WAV file will fail when the saved time reaches about 3 hours and 20 minutes of audio. Where moments before you had a 2GB file, you will be left with a useless .WAV file that is 44 bytes in size. Stopping the recording before that time is reached will leave you with a proper, usable .WAV file.


The Cause

It appears a byte counter in the structure of the .WAV file uses a 32-bit signed integer, instead of an unsigned [long] one. The counter overflows catastrophically when it passes 32 bits, around +2,147,485,000. This is regardless of the file system [FAT32 or NTFS] that you're using.

It is a design limitation in the .WAV specification, and is not caused by software faults.


The Fix

If you need WAV output there is no fix, apart from stopping the recording a couple of minutes early [to be safe].


Otherwise, you can output to one of the compressed formats. The default bitrate MP3, for example, could give you around 20 to 30 hours [estimated] before the file approaches the "danger size".








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