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Two Issues



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Your clip is only 12 frames long (1/2 second) and has no audio...


What are your PC Specs and Operating System? I want to make sure you have it set to record from the Roxio 2861 device.


What are you recording from? Are you using a SCART adapter?


What is your software Version or Build?


What is the other issue?

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my OS is windows XP.

I followed the instructions of the setup program.

I am recording from VHS and SCART use, since not gone directly to hear the audio.


The other issue is that it captures the video but the only recording to record a few seconds, but has since recording time high.



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good morning, again sorry to bother.

Video capture is not possible and even install and uninstall the application and the drivers appear in the device manager I can not capture images, but if you capture the sound.


can help, thanks

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Confirm you have the “After Device” drivers in Post #8.


You did say you are using a SCART adapter???


In 99.9% of the cases of No Video but Audio is OK, it falls back on the SCART adapter being used… <_<


One of the UK users recommended this one: AmazonUK


You may have other sources in Spain, but either way, that would be a good thing to try! ;)


IF you have another source that does not use a SCART, by all means, try it that way!

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