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Cd Offsets Are Not Saved. Big Problem



Toast 10.0.8. MacPro SnowLeopard. Professional Audio Mastering.

When I make a Master, it goes to duplication, sometimes thousands of copies. This has to be right.

Toast and Jam have worked fine for me for many years. A change to an Intel MacPro prompted a move to T10.

The CD Start and Stop Offsets are not being saved in the .disc file.

This is disastrous.

Typically I make a listen copy for the client, with CD Start and Stop Offsets and First Track Offset, save the file, quit Toast. Some days later I open the approved file and burn the Master. I have just discovered that the CD Offsets get reset to Zero.

I can enter them again everytime but who knows if they get actually burned to Disc or not.

This is a big problem for me, and many other Mastering Engineers, plenty of whom don't even yet realise the problem.


Best Regards, DD


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You can still use Jam 6. The installer doesn't work but copying an already installed version from another Mac to yours should work fine. Unfortunately I'm not knowledgeable enough to advise about the issue you're raising about Toast.

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