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Videowave Output/export Issues



I am consistently experiencing problems when I attempt to render (ie use the Output/Export function in Videowave) any storyline containing HD camcorder footage. Most of the time the render process hangs (with the whole screen going milky white) such that I have to close Videowave. On other occasions the render process goes thru to the end of the storyline and produces an output file, but some of the clips are replaced with a white image. The point at which the white images appear, varies even when repeating the render process on the same storyline. Very occasionally (perhaps once in 40 or 50 attempts) the render process works and produces a perfect output file that I can then burn to disc.


I have tried a number of suggested solutions including:

- switching from H/W to S/W and back in the "Tools" option

- trying various different output options including "AVCHD 1920x1080i" and HD DVD SP

- omitting background audio tracks, transitions and text from storylines

- doing a complete uninstall and reinstall using your Knowledgebase article 000207CR

- doing a S/W repair by reloading the Roxio disc

None of the above have worked.


I have contacted The Roxio online support site and after a delay of several months they have finally advised that my camcorder footage is in .MTS format which they say is not supported by Creator 2010 PRO. The Sony HD AVCHD camcorder that I use (model number HDR- SR12E) records industry standard AVCHD footage (more specifically MPEG-4AVC/H.264 High Profile for HD image quality). I generally use the highest quality AVCHD setting (FH) which records at AVCHD 1920x1080/50i format although also occasionally use a lower quality setting (eg SP) which records at AVCHD 1440x1080/50i format. The Roxio advertising literature (& indeed their web link) advises that AVCHD is an acceptable input format for the Creator 2010 PRO package. I don't therefore understand why you advise my footage is incompatible with the Creator 2010 PRO.


In fact I can do all of the following:

- capture the footage using the Roxio Media Import faciity

- play back the captured footage using Roxio Media Manager

- play back the captured footage using Roxio Cine Player

- construct a storyline incorporating the captured footage using Roxio Videowave

- play back the storylines using Roxio Videowave


If as they suggest, Creator 2010 PRO does not support the output files from the Sony camcorder, then:

- why I can undertake most functions using the Creator 2010 PRO software

- why the render function occasionally works with a storyline incorporating the Sony camcorder footage

- why the sales literature for the Creator 2010 PRO software states that it can deal with AVCHD input format


The PC that I use runs Windows 7, has a quad processor (Intel R Core i7 CPU 930 @ 2.8GHz), 6GB RAM, a 1Tb C drive with approx 800MB free, plus two other 1 Tb internal discs.


Any advice would be gratefully received.

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