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Scanned Image To Label



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in advanced label creator one is able to transfer a scanned image to a label,however not being computer savy i am lost tryin' to get the image to fill the entire label not just a portion of it.if someone could walk me thru the procedure i'd appreciate it


post-97-093208700 1297440198.jpg

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I usually align my picture to the top and left to start with:


post-39730-089697200 1297440497.jpg


Then grab the lower right Drag Handle (cursor changes to double arrow) and cover the disc with it:


post-39730-075748700 1297440499.jpg


Lastly by dragging the entire picture (cursor = double crossed arrows) I can set it where I want:


post-39730-009838000 1297440502.jpg


The Drag Handles in the corners maintain proportions as you change picture size. If the use the other 4 (green arrows in pic 2) they will only move in that axis distorting the picture.


Hope that is what you were after ;)

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Just to add to cd and jim's replies, I seem to recall if you go to Edit Background and then scan in your image from the Edit Background dialog window, you get an image that isn't scalable. Choose Scan Image from the Add Object panel (not the Edit Layout panel). That image should be scalable and then you can follow cd's and Jim's instructions above.

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