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Spanning Discs Wastes Space

Blue Two


When creating a Data backup spanning multiple BD discs, Toast wastes a HUGE amount of space. For example, 181GB takes 9 discs with 28.5GB remaining, which is more than one entire disc! This should have taken only 8 discs. Also, spanning 87GB takes 5 discs, with 29.5 GB remaining, again more than one full BD disc is wasted!


How can I force Toast to span discs efficiently without wasting so much space? It makes absolutely no difference if I allow "split files" or not. It seems like Toast blindly allocates the files in the order listed, and when the next file is too big to fit, it simply moves on to the next disc, no matter how much space remains. Thus, a large video file can cause Toast to waste many GB on a BD disc because it refuses to fill that space with smaller files and instead leaves it empty.


Toast is a very expensive way to burn BD discs when it wastes several GB on each one!

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Still no solution. I've reported this to Roxio support and received only a brain-dead non-response in return. Then I received a second message "we're researching it." Then I received a satisfaction survey! Needless to say, my satisfaction level is in the dumpster!


Has anyone else seen this problem? Has anyone else been able to span multiple BD discs with data files that fill the discs properly, i.e., without wasted space?

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