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Creator 2009 Worked On Windows 7 Until This Week?



I keep reading Creator 2009 isn't compatible with Windows 7. I have been using Creator 2009 on a Windows 7 Laptop for a year now and didn't have an issue until this week. :unsure:


Can someone please tell me how I can get it to work again? I have bought the compatiblitly version of Windows 7 so that older programs can work on it so I am not sure what else to do.


Please help?



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What you read is correct - it is NOT compatible and will never be.


As you found out, it may work for a while and then fail - sorry but that's just how it is


Oh, I see. Okay thank you so much. I was just confused, I didn't realize it was a temporary thing.


Thanks ~ this saves me much time trying to get it to work!

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