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My very own Topic



There seems to be a bigger problem with VideoWave 2011 (VideoWave13.exe -- appropriate version number) when a production has a large number of objects, be it 360+ text captions like I'm doing, 180+ images like some other dude was doing, large number of audio clips, and so on. These cause VideoWave13 to hang and crash.


And yes at the request of the Roxio / Sonic support drones (I'm not convinced they were real people) I disabled everything. Being a user of VMware Server I also ran it on VMs with varying versions of Windows, starting from XP SP3 through Server 2003 SP2 and Windows 7 and I get the same result with bare-bones un-updated installations, or fully updated installations. Using VMs eliminated potential issues with video drivers; in those cases I used the VMware SVGA 2D driver avoiding the 3D driver, but the 3D driver seems to make no difference.


To reproduce the problem, start a new project and insert a fairly long video clip -- 15 minutes seems to be enough. Then create text effects about 4-5 seconds long. When I do this I would copy one then paste it, copy both of them then paste them, ad-infinitim until I've filled my text track. Save the production, assuming you don't run out of memory copying and pasting (VW13 has an awful memory leak in its clipboard), then close VW13 and re-open the production. Try editing a few of the text effects. It won't take long before VW13 crashes or freezes.


I don't know how much testing Sonic did with this piece of software, but it wasn't enough.


One interesting artifact I discovered while copying and pasting text effects, is the thumbnail of the effect in the track would slowly distort over time until it became unintelligible. Future text effects, video clips and images would have distorted thumbnails.

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I split your posts off the Topic your posted in as they have absolutely no bearing on that Topic!


Kind of rude, like butting into someone’s conversation with a service manager to bring up your own problems…


At any rate, your contentions of ‘memory leaks’ and problems are completely wrong.


Granted you are having a problem, but it is not anything to do with the software. More than likely it is from trying to run in VMS.

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As for the distortion, delete the .dat file for the project and the original quality will return.


That not only solves the distorted thumbnails, but it solves the repeated crashes. It sure takes a while (on a 2 GHz E2180 with 4 GB RAM) to rebuild that DAT file. Finally, an intelligent solution, better than, "strip down your PC and try again," and, "don't bother testing under virtual machines."

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your contentions of ‘memory leaks’ and problems are completely wrong


Bring up Task Manager and copy / paste eight or ten objects at a time repeatedly. Watch the working set RAM usage climb.








0 to 1 GB in 20 minutes. How long do you spend editing your masterpieces?


I do IT for a living and I have to stand up to ignorant vendors daily. They hate me for it, but usually they fix their products. Here I get accused of using the products wrong.

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