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Metallic Sound When Capturing



Can anyone help with this? I have successfully created several DVDs in the past few days and am now facing another issue.

I captured a VHS-C movie yesterday and it sounded like "metal". I put the tape in another VCR (which is hooked up to a TV), watched a minute on the TV and it sounded fine. Then I used another home-movie tape (regular size, not VHS-C...wondering about the VHS-C adapter), same routine, same problem. When watching it on TV it's fine. Hooked my 2nd VCR up to the computer (away from the TV), same metallic sound again. It doesn't look like it's the video recorder, but what is it?

I changed my audio cables, no change. Have not changed the Roxio video capture USB, don't have a spare.

Just hooked everything up to a family member's laptop - same issue!!! I had wondered if it might be the audio card in my computer even though I can hear news etc just fine on it. But since it's happening on a second computer as well, that's probably not the culprit.

If you have any input, I'd appreciate it. Don't know what to try next. I just defragmented a couple of days ago and have about 100 GB available. 3 GB RAM. I have not made any changes to my computer, no new programs etc. I also have not touched/changed audio for any of my movies.

Thanks again!!!

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