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Any Canon T2i video clips shot in 720 or 1080 won't play in the timeline and the audio is badly out of sync and choppy. I can easily edit and output HD video using a few other freeware programs, so no issues with the machine; I like the Roxio intuitive interface and want to use it. I do NOT want to use MPEG Streamclip or Any Video Converter, because that takes way too much production time and I might as well go back to capturing from a firewire and tape at that point.


I know others have commented on Canon .MOV files not working with this program, any help? The files from my D5000 Nikon in 720P are fine.Are they really working on this issue? MAybe a patch to fix this in the near future?

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You have to run them through a converter program to bring them back into standard format… (at least a format that Roxio can work with)


Here are a couple:





I doubt there will be anything from Roxio until the next version comes out.


Edit: I just noticed you had been posting in the 2010 forum this week, HERE.


Did you get 2011 or are you just fishing?


Perhaps it would be best if you shot a couple of 5 second vidoes and posted them on a site like UpForDown. Then we can download them and take them for a spin ;)

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