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How To Save Project

Ted M


Okay, you probably guessed, I'm a newbie. I started playing around and recorded some videos. I saved them to archive and I saved them to my computer and understand the difference. However, when I go back to home and try to start a new project, it says, "You haven't saved your project. You'll lose all your changes" OK, I'll be glad to save my project, but WHERE?? I couldn't find any icons in the home, export or amazingly NOT in he Record, Edit and SAVE screen????

Can anyone help?


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Thanks, Jim! As long as I know what that's about I guess I can live with that and work within that model. However, it doesn't give me a real warm and fuzzy that these guys are putting out a quality product. I did almost fall off my floor laughing when I got a reply from the support person after I sent in a question asking them where the icon button was in easy vhs to dvd. After the usual dipwad questions like what operating system do I have and did I install any strange new software on my computer, the support guy asked me:

"Where did you look?"

I'm still laughing as I write this

Thanks again


With the 201B version you cannot save a Project.


You can Archive but you cannot stop, save and start again later.


The warning message is little more than a typical Are you Sure? warning.

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So now you know it is customary and proper to supply your System Information and Software Version with any first contact… Nobody issues crystal balls to Tech Support ;)


If I tell someone to go to Control Panel – Add/Remove Programs, they would respond that there is no such thing! If they have Vista or Win7, they are correct…


Tech Support is probably most familiar with the mainstream Roxio products and I suspect the majority of techs have never even seen V2D :lol:

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