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How Can You Input Subtitles To A Video Using Videowave 2011?



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its for a video that i have to input subtitles for a music video for bio class, and i cant find a way to put them can someone please help?


You cannot add subtitles with the program. You can add text and have it stationary or move across a screen. It is very difficult to add subtitles and have them in sync with the music but it can be done. I hope you don't have a short deadline.


Let us know if that would be satisfactory and we can give you more directions.


What does bio have to do with music videos?

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Perhaps this video will help; just select the text "movement" that you want.

Add the text to the image or video move it down to the bottom just inside the Tv safe zone, select settings and then chose one of the movement options. Probably the best is one of the scroll setting (fast)? Depending on the amount of text.


Also consider your narration over the music if that would suit your needs.

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but when i click done the text goes to the back of the overlay i have!

how can i fix this?


This is the first time you mentioned anything about overlays. Any other surprises before we answer that?


Does the overlay take up the entire main display? Are you adding the text to the overlay or to the main track?

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