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Dvd And You Tube Upload Quality Issue



When making a DVD or uploading to You Tube, the resulting quality is not good. I'm working with home movies that have been converted to digital frame by frame. The original footage is fine. I'm editing these using Video Wave. Watching the project in Video Wave is fine. But when I upload to You Tube or burn a DVD using Video Lab I get horizontal lines whenever the camera or the subject moves.


Here is a link to the You Tube video. I also attached a frame to this post showing the problem.




I had an on board ATI Radeon HD 3200. Tonight I replaced it with an ATI Radeon HD 6850. I also did a complete Roxio reinstallation after disabling all virus protection and every other program that was running. I uploaded a project to You Tube and voila, same problem.


If I take the raw footage and make a DVD using WinDVD, the result is fine. And as I mentioned, it looks fine in Video Lab while I'm working on it.


I'm running Windows 7 with 8GB RAM. I've tried hardware rendering, vs software, interlaced vs progressive, every different combination of options and they all look the same. (see the attached picture)


Free Kansas City barbeque to whoever can help me with this.





Kansas City

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Try it with the rendering set to software: Tools - Options - Render, Software.


I hope you have a disc or 2 of DVD RW on hand for testing/learning ;)


Here are three pictures. Two are from You Tube. One with Hardware rendering, one with software rendering. The third picture is an extracted image from the project in Video Wave.


Arghhh. The same thing occurs when making a DVD. If I take a file and make a DVD with WinDVD it looks great. But if open the file in Video Wave,and then make a DVD, this is the result. Also, when I export it from Video Wave in any format, avi, mpg, anything, I get the same result.


There's gotta be a conflict somewhere but I have most other programs shut down.



post-92611-046673200 1298220590.jpg

post-92611-099593800 1298220606.jpg

video wave.bmp

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So here is what I found. My original files are .mov files. When I convert them to mp4 and edit them, the problem gets a little better. When I convert them to mp2 prior to editing, the problem goes away.


So it must be some weird thing between Roxio and Apple formats. They look fine in editing but get all funky when exported as anything.


Luckily I've only completed a weeks worth of editing which now has to be redone.

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A little more info for anyone who might have the same problem.


I was getting ready to re-edit all my material after using Roxio File Convert to change my .mov files to .mp2.


Then I got the idea of changing the .mp2 extension on the new files to .mov, to fool Roxio. That seems to have done it. Now all my original editing is saved. The projects all work fine.


There's is something wanky about my Quicktime codecs and Roxio. I have the latest Quicktime installed. Oh well. At least I found a work around.

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In the first part of your reply... Why are you even converting them???


Roxio will utilize any mainstream format as is. The only time something needs converted is when it doesn't work right, a few digital cameras...


Of course any MOV file requires you have Quick Time Player installed and it would follow that you need the latest version ;)

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