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Installing Roxio Creator 2011 Pro On W-7 Ultimate X-64



After 'Preparing your computer for installing Roxio products' here. Things I do before installation, in this order. Disable W-7 User Account Control (UAC), clean all cache, cookies, private data, clear history, delete the temp file contents (start run %temp%), run disc cleanup, empty the recycle bin, run disc defragmenter on the operating system C / installation drive. Reboot the PC, close all unnecessary running programs, disconnect from the internet and turn off / stop antivirus and firewall software. Now I'm ready to install the software.


Put the Roxio Creator 2011 Pro Disc # 1 in a DVD Drive, it should autorun or click start My Computer, right click on the drive with the disc, open / explore the disc, click on setup.exe to start the installation.


If you downloaded the program, place or move it into a folder you make on your hard drive and extract it to that folder (WipZip, WinRAR,7-Zip, #16 in my signature), then run the setup.exe.


Below is a attempt to capture most of the install with pics. Shot of the Home Screen and available tabs, Start All Programs listing applications, USB Capture Device showing the correct drivers in Device Manager and a general overview of the Roxio Creator 2011 Pro Suite, not complete screen shots of the entire suite.


Disc # 2 extra programs, SmartSound SonicFire Pro v5.5 --Bias SoundSoap SE v2.4, included pic shown in this guide...




A pic showing W7 X 64 system I'm installing the Roxio Software on..


post-97-044745700 1298219422.jpg



Starting the Roxio Creator 2011 Pro installation.


post-97-063352900 1298219550.jpg


post-97-063242800 1298219551.jpg


post-97-042679600 1298219552.jpg


post-97-035016600 1298219553.jpg


post-97-018234500 1298219554.jpg


post-97-097559300 1298219554.jpg


post-97-075523900 1298219555.jpg


post-97-037796500 1298219556.jpg


Why Roxio choose to have this pop up during the installation is a mystery to me!


I just closed it and continued.


post-97-050694600 1298219558.jpg


post-97-028584100 1298219559.jpg


post-97-049746200 1298219592.jpg


post-97-018812400 1298219593.jpg


post-97-094987200 1298219593.jpg


post-97-068572600 1298219594.jpg


post-97-041534600 1298219595.jpg


post-97-015137600 1298219596.jpg


post-97-086479600 1298219596.jpg


post-97-057224600 1298219597.jpg


post-97-031281800 1298219598.jpg


post-97-090900100 1298219598.jpg


post-97-075339000 1298219616.jpg


End of installation...Installation took around five minutes on my machine..


Reboot the PC. Then check for updates, from the home page, Help, Check for Updates.


To enhance your experience with Roxio Creator 2011 Pro, install Disc # 2 extra programs. However, it is not mandatory to use the software.


A pic showing the extra programs on disc # 2.


post-97-043956000 1298219617.jpg


A look at the Home Screen page and the available tabs.


post-97-072357400 1298219618.jpg


post-97-094200300 1298219619.jpg


post-97-057138400 1298219622.jpg


post-97-092182700 1298219623.jpg


post-97-022038200 1298219625.jpg


The Learning Center Tab is a excellent place for How To PDF files or How To Videos showing Step By Step Guides for Data-Copy, Video-Movies, Music-Audio, and Photos...


post-97-079664600 1298219626.jpg


Other tabs under Tools and Help..


post-97-034079100 1298219627.jpg


post-97-084311500 1298219627.jpg


post-97-073171500 1298219645.jpg


Help about this software shows the version # and SP1 applied..


post-97-040883400 1298219646.jpg


From the start all program listing...


post-97-098267300 1298219646.jpg



I own the Roxio Video Capture USB Device, Roxio Creator 2011 Pro installs the drivers for it without the device plugged in. When you plugin the device for the first time, after Roxio Creator 2011 Pro installation, Windows recognizes the Device and the correct drivers get assigned to it.


post-97-084533500 1298219647.jpg


post-97-026896200 1298219649.jpg


post-97-065349400 1298219650.jpg

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