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Toast 10 Will Not Recognize Maxell Dvd-R 4.7Gb 16X



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No, only one drive and just MacBook with the latest system. Thank you.

I had a similar problem when I first received my new G4 iBook several years ago. My iBook had a corrupted file in its factory-installed system that prevented it from burning any discs. I reinstalled the system and it worked ever after. But it would be very coincidental if your MacBook is suffering the same problem. I do, however, suggest you open System Profiler and look at the Disc Burning section to make certain the system is correctly reporting the kind of media it can burn to. Also, do a test using Disk Utility or the Finder's burn feature to see if the OS can burn a DVD. If not, we know it isn't a Toast issue.


Presuming the OS can burn to your media, the first place to start with Toast is to trash the Toast plist and prefs files in the User>Library>Preferences folder and relaunch Toast. Also open the CDs and DVDs panel in System Preferences. Choose "Ask what to do" or choose "Open other application..." (then select Toast) for what you want to happen when inserting a blank disc. You don't want to open Finder.


Maybe one of these things will take care of the problem. Another option is to try a different brand of discs.

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