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How Do I Edit Disc Information?



I have been going round and round with Roxio's on line "help". I have the Roxio Creator DE 10.1, which came installed on my Dell PC, plus 2 "updates" downloaded from Roxio.

Here's my problem: I was copying an Audio CD. A window opened which allowed me to enter the name of the songs on the CD. After entering the album title, I entered the first song title, and, I think I hit "enter" to, well, enter it, and the window closed, and the ONLY title named was Track 1. All others still say "Track 2, Track 3", etc. Now, HOW the heck to I edit the disc information?? Every time I put that CD into the PC it brings up the same incomplete track list. Obviously, that info was not put ONTO the CD, as it was already finalized. So how does the program know that is that same CD? And, again, how do I go about filling out the rest of the track list if it won't allow me access to it? I tried every tab on the program. The Roxio "tech" suggested using the "Batch Converter" tab, but my program does NOT contain such a tab. Argghhh. Thanks for any help out there.

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Hello Bob,


Now you know one of the practical reasons why DELL are the people who are supposed to supply ALL the support for their OEM versions of the software. [Please see the Knowledgebase article HERE.] The software is different from the regular commercial versions that the Support techs are taught about.


The volunteer users here will help you as much as we can, but our experience is limited by not having access to the software you are using, so please bear with me and fill in some gaps for me.


How were you copying the audio CD? What program or menu choice were you using? The only way I can copy an audio CD with my FULL version is to use the 'Copy Disc' menu item from the Home menu, or to use the Audio software to rip each the tracks off the disc and then rebuild it as an audio disc again.


The 'Copy Disc' menu choice makes an identical disc, so no renaming things or inserting CD-Text into it.


Please tell me how you were doing this, in detailed steps - as much detail as possible, including menu choices and steps in the order taken.




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