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Burning Widescreen 16.9 To Dvd From Video Camera



I have had a customer contacting me regarding capturing video from his video camera and burning it to widescreen.


Below is his email to me, I can't seem to find a solution on the forum. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Melissa,

I have a Digital Video Camera that has the small CD-RW disc that carries only about ½ an hour of video. Once I have finalised the discs this allows me to play on a normal DVD Player. The camera has two settings, normal and wide screen settings that is set to wide screen. On my other computer there is installed Cyberlink Power Director that always works when burning onto DVD’s.

The Roxie software installed on this computer allows me read these discs when working with Roxio, Edit Video-Advanced. The first box that opens I set to 16.9 widescreen to open any video I desire. The screen that appears opens in widescreen on the computer. When I click on the DVD icon to burn a disc I then select DVD Disc on the next page that opens. The screen that then appears as a 4.3 normal screen. I then select project settings to change to 16.9 wide screen. Then burn to disc where the problem occurs when converting.

Hope this is enough information.

Kind Regards,


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Nothing in there of any value including any description of a problem???


Without knowing WHAT the actual problem is, it can go nowhere.


Without knowing the Specific Software, hard to recommend anything... The current Roxio Creator 2011 Suite contains about 35 different programs...


It "sounds" like VideoWave and it "sounds" like they might be dealing with a non-standard '16:9' recording.


It is fixable,but really need to know the proper name of the software Suite, as 'Edit Video-Advanced' is the name of a button found in about 18 Suites from 2009 on.

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