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Custom Encoding Setting For Blu-Ray (With Mac Pro Res Quicktime)



Hello all,


I am an artist and have recently begun to finalize and show my work on Blu-ray.


My system is all Mac based and composed of Final Cut Pro 6, Toast 10, and a Lacie d2 External Blu-ray burner.


I have had success burning blu-rays with this system, however, before I start to master all of my work on this system, I wanted to see what settings others were using in Toast 10's custom encoding settings.


Right now, here are the steps I have been following to make successful Blu-rays:


1.) In Final Cut Pro 6, Export 1080 24P Apple ProRes 422 (HQ)

2.) Drag this Quicktime in Toast 10

3.) In Toast 10, select Custom Encode Settings.


From here, I have experimented mostly with the following settings:


Video Format: MPEG-4 AVC (does anyone prefer MPEG-2?)

Average Bit Rate: 20 Mbps (can this cause lagging problems?)

Maximum Bit Rate: 25 Mbps (can this cause lagging problems?)

Motion Estimation: Best

Reencoding: Automatic

Field Dominance: Progressive

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Audio Format: Dolby Digital

Data Rate: Automatic

Dynamic Range Compression: [checked]


Can anyone say what they think of these settings? Does anyone think other setting would work better? If so, why? Most of my films are between 10 min. and 20 min.


Thanks for any comments or advice.

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