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Before You Buy Creator 2011



I must say, that I was pulled in by Roxio's sneaky add campaign. I have had the product for some months, but have yet to get a clear answer from tech support. I would warn any one not to purchase this product. I have 5 Dell computers floating around the house and that is how Roxio got my e-mail address to send me advertisements. Anyway I have been corresponding with support for 3 months, and can not return the dam product as I have had it over thirty days. I would say 3/4 of the support staff are super lazy or understaffed, as I always get very generic answers. I was told in writing from support that not only would it convert to 3d anaglyph it would convert to real 3d. Since I have a Panasonic 3d TV I was looking forward to burning some 2d to 3d disks. My basic question of no matter what I do the movie comes out side by side. It does anagyph just fine , but anaglyph sucks. It hit me that all the 3d movies I by are in Blu-rey, so I assumed that was the problem, not that support ever sais that. My last question to them was Do I need a Blue rey burner to make 3d dvd's. By this time I have purchased a burner. Now Creator 2011 will not recognise the blue-rey disks. I have now spent money for Creator 2011, Blu-rey burner, and probably 20 dvd's that became coasters. Support sent me link to get a 20.00 upgrade to get creator to recognise the Blu-rey disk. My last question was do I need to purchase the upgrade Blu-rey plug in to get a real 3d image. I put my Store bought 3d DVD's through my Playstation. There answer was not yes or no but just a link to this blog. I mean is this lousy customer service or what. The program that came bundled with my burners says it will convert 2d to 3d on the fly if I hook up my TV to the computer which would be a pain. If any of you out there know of a way to get 2D to real 3D on a Panasonic 3d TV I would be deeply in your debt. Barring that, I will not give the people at Creator 1 more penny of my money. I will write to Dell So others do not get sucked into there sleazy marketing and terrible customer service that are too afraid or dumb to answer a simple yes or no question. I bought a Liteon Blu-rey burner and the have a program that does all the things Creator 2011 claims to do.



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Hi HadCancer -


I'm sorry that Creator 2011 did not meet your expectations.


After reviewing your tickets, I see that you were issued a refund for the product on 12/5/2010. However, you recently submitted a new ticket for support this month.


I'm going to close this thread and see what your purchasing status is and make sure you are receiving the proper level of support for our products if you have chosen to repurchase the software.





Roxio Customer Care

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