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Vst Plug-Ins



I have Roxio 2010 creator and for the first time have tried to use the option of using VST modules to edit the music.:rolleyes:


(1) Why isn't there a listing of which VST ( dll) files that will work with this software (Sound Editor) on the Roxio site?:(

(2) When I tried to quit using one of these files (it was no good) so I removed it fom the computer, but it did not disappear from Sound Editor.

(3) Each time I tried to re-open Sound editor (even after reboot) there was another listing of this removed software. The only way I got it to disappear was to completely remove the directory that the VST file was originally in.

(4) None of the many VST plug-ins that I tried worked or could be heard working.

(5) Removing the noise is only part of the recovery process for old tapes and records.

---- (i) Old records and tapes had sub-harmonics and upper harmonics removed and dynamics compressed because of the limitations of the recording medium.

---- (ii) Sub-harmonics can be recreated (approximation) using hardware such as the 120X-DS by ©DBX.

---- (iii) © DBX, ©Phase linear,©Pioneer had recovery systems that eleminated noise and gained back diynamics using various methods.


What I was looking for was a VST plug-in that would recover the upper and lower harmonics of recorded music. I also wanted regain dynamics lost due to gain riding by using a dynamic decompressor/ expander, Such as the 3BX or ©Pioneer expanders. It looks like the Software that comes with 2011 Roxio Soap would clean up noise fairly good. But there is no option listed on their site for other recovery methods. Dynamic expansion often raised the music above the noise floor effectively lowering the noise level.


©Phase Linear used one method, Dbx also used another dynamic expansion method. ©Symetrical Sound Systems used dynamic gating and Burwin another. I'm looking at upgradingt my 2010 (4months old) to

the 2011 version of Roxio but want to be able to recover the lost dynamics and lost frequencies.


Can any one help me?


My computer is a 64 Bit computer with quad core and I'm Using Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit version. On board is 8 Gb of memory and the clock speed (slow) is 2 GHz.


Wanted is VST expanders dynamic, or with low mid and high frequency adjustment capability. Also wanted is the upper and lower frequenc recreation of harmonics (adjustable parameters).


P.S. I had to edit this several times as the Sunglass character could not be removed or moved and I don't know where it came from ! It appears that left parenthisis and small b and then right parenthesis was the problem ! Also I could not indent using spaces

I corrected this by using several dashes.

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