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My Roxio Easy Lp To Mp3



Can some one tell me if there is a way I can check the hardware and software (Audio Capture USB)? I pluged my turntable into the hardware and the hardware into my computer, put on an LP and nothing. The "setup" talks about an AMP, but my AMP has input for turntable but no output that I could connect to my computer. Is it possible that I got a bad "Audio Capture USB"



2500 LPs

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What turntable do you have? If it does not have a built in preamp, then the output from your turntable is too low, and doesn't have the right equalization to connect directly to the USB device. Usually, you connect your turntable to your Receiver or Integrated amp, that has a Phono input. That provides the proper preamplification and equalization for your turntable. Then you take a signal from the "Tape Out" or "Tape Rec" jacks on the back, and you would connect that to the USB device.


Does that help any?


(And don't connect the speaker outputs to your USB device. :o )

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