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Non Existing Service By LaCie



Bought a LaCie d2 blu-ray burner, which came with Roxio Toast Titanium 9. I was very much pleased, until the total misery began.

1. Toast Titanium 9 would not install, the password would not let me pass.

2. I have asked LaCie for a new password. It took 3 months, but I got a new password and Toast 9 worked. Again I was happy, but not for long.

3. Something (virus?) caused my hard disk to crash, I had to reinstall from scratch. But lightning stroke twice, Toast 9 would not reinstall, both passwords blocked.

4. I posted a ticked on 2 February 2011, and got lots of answers: we will come back, we will help you, but guess? No new password or resetting of any old one.

5. I was intending to upgrade to Toast 10, but can't, because 9 isn't working, so I can have it, but for the full charge only.

I think Roxio has grown lazy and self content. They don't care for a customer anymore and their service is non-existent. So the solution is simple: customers, keep away.

There's much more out there, that can do the same.

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You can hardly blame Roxio for LaCie's poor service.


OEM versions, such as the one you got for free from LaCie, are built by Roxio to LaCie's specifications. LaCie are responsible for providing support for their bundled software.


Your comments seem to apply quite rightly to LaCie and I have lots of sympathy for you, but it's wrong to blame Roxio if LaCie support is slack.


I guess you know who to avoid next time you buy a burner.




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