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Roxio 2010 Crashes Amd 11.2 Display Drivers





Has anyone had any issues with the AMD 11.2 drivers. My issue is as follows.


Launch Roxio creator 2010 pro. I get black blocks around the border of the application window. If I move the mouse over them they disappear.


I then click the Tools menu and select preferences, the screen freezes. I can see the very faded view of the preferences windows opening, but it’s not fully open yet. (I hope you guys can follow what I am describing)


My mouse is locked up. After about 15, 20 seconds the screen flickers to black, then my desktop becomes available and windows says that my display driver has recovered.


If I back the display drivers down to 10.11 everything works ok as far as I can tell. If its a AMD 11.2 driver issue then I guess I have to point the finger at AMD. But I bet you if I ask for help on the AMD forum they will tell me to point the finger at Roxio. I just want it to work.


I’m running Roxio 2010 pro with the latest service packs.


Windows 7 Pro 64bit, AMD Phenom II x4 @3.4Ghz. 8GB RAM, ATI 5770 GPU.




Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank You



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It depends on the app Jim really - I know people who use Second Life and are always complaining about 'diamond patterns' in the clouds. It's only the ATI cards that have that problem, but it is known to be the drivers that are the culprit.


They closed down their software base in Canada when they merged with AMD - so we now have the situation where there's a whole new team who don't really know what went before :lol:

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