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Copying A Homemade Dvd



In trying to copy a homemade DVD with Toast Titanium (10.0.8) and using MAC OSX 10.6.6. Without starting copying, Toast immediately points to a Mac OS X error number 1634955892.


In looking up this error code I find an Apple Article: TA26910 entitled "DVD Player: "DVD Player encountered a serious error" Alert. Note that DVD player plays this homemade DVD without any apparent problem.


The TA suggest removing a framework entitled "HIServices" from "System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/". This framework is not in my "System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/"


Any suggestion about what might resolve my problem? I presently am placing this question to the Apple OS Community.

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Are you using the Disc Copy setting in the Copy window? Was DVD Player open at the time you started copying?


I was using Video and not Disc Copy. DVD player was on. I did turn off the DVD player, continued using Video and was successful. Thanks.

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