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12Gb Avi Files I Need To Convert To Dvd



i have some avi files that are 12 to 13gb in size. how do i make it into a file that will fit on a dvd? can i brake it up to smaller sizes or can i use the trim button. i would all so like to burn the file as an avi to a dual layer dvd to keep for later editing.

i am using roxio creator 2010 pro.

thanks for any help

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If you are talking about a DATA DISC, really a bad idea unless YOU manually split them, render the parts and burn them to disc.


If you are going to do that, might as well render as mpeg and it will drop to 4 GB or less.


I stopped burning mine to disc years ago and went to external HDD's. Hold more, much, much faster and equally reliable :o


But that is my opinion offered in earnest ;)

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You have to think "time" not file size. If your 12-13GB files only contain one hour of video, then by the time it is rendered to DVD format, it will fit nicely, as a single layer DVD will hold just about 1 hour of video at "Best Quality". If your video files are 2 hours in length, then it would fit (after rendering) onto a DL DVD, or you could split it into two 1 hour movies.


So, how long in time are your videos?


As for backing up the .AVI files, since you can't fit more than 8GB onto a DL DVD disc, then you'll still need to split the files up, but save them as .AVI files at their native quality (without rendering).


Hope that helps!

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