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Cannot Read/restore Blu-Ray Disk Back-Up C2011

Rob Allen



VAIO Notebook Z890 GLX, 2.4GHz Core Duo(2), 500gB HDD, 4 gB RAM, 250MB dedicated VRAM, BD-RW optical drive

Softwares are Windows 7 Pro 64, Bundled Sony Click to Disk, Picture Motion Browser, MovieStory, and Bundled Roxio EMC2010 (v10).

Loaded external softwares are CyberDirector 6, Pinnacle Studio 12 and 14 Ultimate.

My New Software is Creator Pro 2011!



Dear Digital Colleagues:


Help: I made my first 100 GB back-up using Back-on-Track , Advanced Back-up in January. Files are 8MB to 900MB video files and numerous jpeg files on total of 5 Kodak Blu-Ray BD disks.


The load (last, disk #5/5) disk on restore prompts me to insert Disk One. The system keeps ejecting or ignoring the load of disk one and keeps telling me to insert or re-load the Disk One. I cannot use this Back-up at all. IT WILL NOT RESTORE AT ALL! I SEEMS NOT TO READ THE DISK ONE!


When I try to just read or access individual files on the Disk One (or even Disk 2, 3, 4) the Windows Explorer cannot access/restore them, Explorer just freezes when reading the Disks. What is wrong with my Back-On-Track? These are expensive $2.50 disks and I do not want to burn more and waste more of them!



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Have you successfully written and read any BD discs on your system? If not, and this is your first attempt, then it's possible your drive doesn't like those discs too well. Apparently it reads disc #5, but none of the others?


I know $2.50 seems like a lot, but back in the early days of CD recording (before DVD, before erasable discs) CD-R discs cost as much as $10 each. So, my suggestion would be to just write some data files to one of your current discs, not using Back On Track. (You should be able to add more files later, if the disc isn't closed.) Then see if you can read it. If so, keep adding files and fill it up, and check again to make sure you can read everything. Then do it again with another disc. (Use some other files.) If you can read both of those discs, then maybe there was a problem with the way Back On Track wrote your original files. (It shouldn't lock up your system trying to look at them.) Basically, we're trying to establish some confidence in your writer using those discs.


If you have trouble reading those newly written discs, then you'll want to pick up another brand of disc and run the same sort of test.


I'm hoping your backup discs aren't your only copy of those files?

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