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Help Build Dvd



Hello everyone (especial all you dvd burning guru's)


I have been Easy Media Creator 7 (full version #X-#XXXX-XXXX#-#XX##) for a few years now to make CD's.

I now would like to make a dvd from a few avi's on mem stick & hd.

I can start the dvd builder and can get to the avi's (even preview them - audio & video are ok) but can not find a way to ADD them to the project so that I can burn it.


System specs: XP Pro SP3 (all updates) / 2Gb mem / Raid 0+1 250Gb hd's / Two (2) dvd&cd BURNERS / EMC 7 / 256MB nVidia video card.


I tried the 'help' menu and watched the tutorial. I also read numerous posts here and still am no closer to burning my 1st dvd. I have copied a few dvd's to ensure that the hardware and software are ok and they came out fine.


Can anyone explain to me how to use this software to CREATE a new dvd? Please, PLEASE, use simple step-by-step directions!


Thank you




P.S. The "add to current production collection" menu item is there, but not clickable (light gray). I have also tried .mpg and .wmv and have the same result. Seems I am missing some step, but no help at all from help menus or other posts & yes, I have read the 'stickys' - they are not clear and refer to operations that I have no clue how to access (maybe from an older or newer version of EMC ?). Sorry I did not add this information in original post 14 hours ago.

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If your updates included IE7 and/or WMP11 (or higher) then you have wrecked EMC


Thank you for your fast reply.


IE8 came with the Dell, however I prefer & use Mozilla Firefox. WMP9 was on it as well, I only use VLC media player.


Both are still on the computer, but are never used. Would having IE8 interfere with EMC7?


The weekend should extend until the 1st day that does NOT end in 'DAY'!



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