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Recording Quality And Length



I bought the CD version of Roxio Creator 2011. One of the issues I seem to have encountered is that the 'Quality' selection restricts me to 'Best Quality' or 'Good Quality' and even after the recording, the DVD shows less than the 4.7 GB was used, i.e.., 2,5 GB in some cases. The 'Normal Quality' is 'greyed out' and I can not select it. Is this normal for the Creator 2011? It is distressing since some of my VHS tapes are 2 hours 35 minutes, but I see under 'Good Quality' it looks as though I can only tape for 2 hours and 28 minutes. Am I reading this wrong and if not, is there a solution? Taping a move for 2+ hours and then finding that the end of the movie was not recorded is disheartening... Views anyone?


Bob :(

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Seems like overkill, but listed from the suggeted site:


•Error code or issue: NONE


•What kind of project were you working on: 'PLUG AND BURN' to 'CREATE DVDs';


•What kinds of files were you using and where did you get them? 'CREATOR 2011' using 'ROXIO CREATOR 2011 SPECIAL EDITION', 'VIDEO/MOVIES' 'PLUG and BURN', 'Create DVDs'. I am attempting to 'burn' a VHS from my DVD player to a DVD disc (4.7 GB) that is 2 hours and 35 minutes in length but the 'capture feature' appears to limit the burn to 2 hours and 28 minutes.


•Did you complete your project or did it stop at a certain point in the process? Stops at the 2 Hour and 28 minute spot.


•Have you ever successfully completed the task that you are contacting us about? No


•Did you make any changes to your computer recently? (new applications, updates, etc) If so, what? No




Tell us about your computer:


Your computer specifications have a huge impact on software performance and functionality.


•Operating System (including service packs): Windows 7 Professional, updated today


•Make: Dell


•Model: XPS


•Video card: Unable to find


•Processor speed: 3 GHz


•RAM: 3 GB


•Free hard drive space: 25 GB


•I last did an operating system update on: Today

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No it is not overkill at all… The answer is usually in the information that you don't provide :lol:


For Video Card/Chip? – press Win-Pause, select Device Manager in the upper left. Expand Video.


You won’t find anyone who thinks Plug & Burn should be used… Capture Video – Edit Video-Advanced – Create DVD is the way to go!


You can’t put that much on a DVD no matter what you use!


Consider you are only starting with VHS tape quality to begin with, it will not suffer any degrading from using settings lower than HQ without severely degrading the picture!


This will give you some idea of Time: (FYI - video is measured in TIME! File Size is meaningless ;) )



HQ = 1:06

SP = 1:37

LP = 2:22


8.5 Gb:

HQ = 2:00

SP = 2:57

LP = 4:19

ELP = 5:35


I would also suggest getting a disc or 2 of DVD RW media to use when trying things out. They can be erased and reused so they are perfect for learning!!! Just don’t use them for anything you want to keep as they become unusable over time :(


Let us know how you make out!

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