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Want To Make Enhanced Audio Cd With Udf Data Partition



I want to make an Enhanced Audio CD with a data partition that uses UDF. The reason is, when I made a Enhanced Audio CD using the MAC & PC data partition, I placed a .mov quicktime video in data partition hoping it would be easily mounted, viewed and playable from either a MAC or PC. Well, the audio files worked as they should when the disc was inserted in any cd player, and the data partition mounted perfectly on the MAC (and the .mov file was easily played) BUT WHEN THE DISC WAS INSERTED INTO A PC, the data partition was NOT mounted and my PC user friends had to go "through a back door" method to find and play the .mov file.


MY GOAL: Since this is a promotional cd with audio (original songs) and a video I WANT ALL CONTENT (VOLUMES) TO MOUNT EASILY on either platform. A friend suggested that I choose the DVD-ROM (UDF) partition for the DATA portion, since UDF volumes mount nicely on either platforms. I was able to BURN a CD-R (even though it says DVD-ROM (UDF) and it mounts as expected, but I could NOT burn along with it, the AUDIO files.


How can I partition the AUDIO (standard audio partition) and have a data partition that is UDF?


I do NOT know what version on Windows my friends are using and I know little or nothing about Windows volumes.


If anyone knows of a BETTER way to achieve my goal as stated above, I'm all ears or eyes in this case.





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Thanks. This looks like a great reference. I appreciate it. I have an OPEN ticket with Tech Support, their response was typical. They asked more questions that were actually already answered in my email. Like "What happens when a CD you created is inserted in a Windows machine?" In my original ticket, I told them that I do not have a Windows machine to test it myself, but that friends with Windows machines informed me that they had a hard time locating the .mov file (Mac/PC) data partition, BTW, and that they had to go in through a BACK DOOR approach, eventually found the .mov file and could play it.


Thus my interest in UDF partitions. UDF's mount easily as a volume on MOST machines and are easily found.


I'm going to try to create an OPEN SESSION audio cd, eject it, create a DVD (UDF) partition, add the .mov file, then insert the OPEN SESSION CD, and burn the DVD partition.


Thanks again I will check out your resources.






The Enhanced CD

Fact Book

Version 2.0

by Josh Warner






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