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Can't Capture 16:9?



I am using Creator 2011, but I have experienced this problem in previous versions. When I capture using the Roxio Video Capture USB and the video capture/import feature of Creator, I can't seem to capture screens configured as 16:9. The capture is in 4:3 and everything I do from then on is 4:3 and compressed making the video content look tall an skinny. Is there a setting or something I can fix in my system that will allow me to capture 16:9?


Using 7 Home Premium (SP 1) 64-Bit.

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Yes it is a bit of a pain, but easy enough to fix!


The Roxio Video Capture USB device (2861) will only capture at 4:3!


So we have 2 choices.


Crop it into a 16:9 or Stretch it!


Since crop will cut off a little from the top and bottom, go with Stretch.


Start with a 16:9 project in Edit Video – Advanced


post-39730-005090000 1299448684.jpg


Insert a Color Panel (right click in the Video Track):


post-39730-026486100 1299448686.jpg


Add Photo/Video but add it as an Overlay or as an Internal Overlay of that panel:


post-39730-035064100 1299448690.jpg


Move your cursor into the Preview pane and when it turns into the 4 way arrow, move the clip to the left edge:

post-39730-004426100 1299448693.jpg


Then move your cursor to the right side until it changes into a Double arrowhead and slide the right edge, to right boundry:

post-39730-043158900 1299449067.jpg


Now everything is the correct ratio!

post-39730-015250300 1299449070.jpg

But note the red edge showing at the top. I need to slide the whole clip just a little more up so that is gone


It is a bit of a pain but not too hard to deal with ;)

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