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Creator 2011 Errors



I am using Roxio Creator 2011 Special Edition and have been able to successfully complete capturing VHS tapes and Making DVD's but have experienced the following errors:


1. When copying a 1:45 min DVD using Capture Video that was set for the 1:45 time limit it did capture but at the end I was unable to get out of Capture without shutting down two times in a row. Once I shut down after the first instance I restarted the program and went to video capture and successfully captured my second video but again when done was unable to shut down. The little circle just kept spinning and only way to stop after 10 min was shut down.

Any feedback as to what to do is appreciated.


2. Using the Copy Disk feature I successfully copied my first disk from a disk that I had just made using Make a DVD. I then made a second DVD and used Copy Disk to make a spare using a brand new DVD, the same as I used in all of my above operations. About 20 % into the copying a message popped up saying something to the effect that --unable to read the disk and to check for fingerprints as well as a message about some disk are copyright and can't be duplicated. This is a brand new disk from the same stack that I had been using for other things. The message went on to say insert new blank disk and hit retry which I did. Someone during the process I got the same message, so I ended up making a DVD from the file saved on the computer. Can anyone help me in resolving this issue.

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Note: cwil has been running a pretty long Topic in the V2D Forum but decided to move here since answers to this will have no bearing for someone using the V2D software ;)LINK


For item 1, I would leave it alone for now! It works, the file is captured intact, Task Manager was put into Windows for just that purpose ;)


Item 2???


"Copy Disc", which is under Data/Copy cannot do that... I think you might have been using Copy and convert Video from the Video/Movies tab???


I would recommend using Create DVDs in that tab instead!


I would also have a question about the media you are using... Cheap stuff can throw errors! Verbatim & Taiyo Yuden are the best (TY is web order only), followed by Sony. The rest have proven a little shaky.


Also it is a good idea to reboot the PC before Capture and Burning just to clear it's head :lol:

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