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Lets see :glare:


A DVD holds about 1 hour at High Quality = 3600 seconds


Divide that by 5 seconds per pic...


You will probalby use a transition between them? Keep in mind the duration of the transition, say 3 sec comes from the pictures :o


Notice that with a 5.01 second picture duration we have a 1:02 production:


post-39730-091811800 1299531980.jpg


But add transitions of only 1 second and the overall drops to :50 minutes:


post-39730-045376000 1299531983.jpg


Get yourself a disc or 2 of DVD RW (reusable) for testing and try different times out. These are what I use for long shows like this one.


It allows about 4 seconds of viewing then a 1 second dissolve into the next one. I find 5 or 6 seconds boring and start looking for excuses to leave! :lol:


But that is a personal preference ;)

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