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How Do I Get A Disk



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Being that Creator 2009 (which is what I presume you have, since you posted in the Creator 2009 area) is a "legacy" (old) product, there's probably not a good chance you can get a new disc from Roxio, but feel free to contact them through the Support links.


You'd be fairly likely to find someone selling an old copy on ebay fairly inexpensively, which may be your best bet.


Oh, and feel free to add words in the "body" of a post here. More words don't cost any more.


Good luck!

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The words in the body of the post weren't visible because the post had been marked "solved" and the screwy solved function had hidden them.


Now your post is there and has been marked 'solved' Dave, the text in post #1 has become visible again.

The OP has EMC 9 since there is no Creator 2009 Basic, but your answer is still quite correct :)




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