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Best Method To Concatenate Avchd (Or Any Files)





I'm finally getting around to do more things with my AVCHD camcorder and Roxio. One of the issues I struggle with is combining different clips into one big movie file.


For example, if I take 100 clips from vacation, once I burn a DVD, I normally like to convert the clips to a single move and store it someone in my archives. However, I'm trying to find out the best practice to do it.


Initially I tried "Copy and Convert" but it basically creates 100 files.


I then tried VideoWave. I imported all the clips and then export as... While that works, it take a really long time. I don't understand why it has to encode the movies, if I want to keep them as the same resolution in the final output.


Is there another way that I'm missing?


Thanks in advance!



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It IS going to take some time…


Your separate files have to be ripped apart and rendered into one contiguous movie file… That takes time!


For Archive purposes, there is very little difference in One Big Movie vs 100 little movies… Kept in the same folder the little ones won’t get mixed up.


This topic on Workflow and Strategy, Here, may be of use to you…


Otherwise, starting the rendering when you go to bed or leave for Work/School/Afghanistan or whatever, so they are done when you get back ;)

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