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Soundsoap Se Activation Advice



I ran into difficulties trying to activate Soundsoap SE that is included with Toast 11 Pro. Roxio provided me information that I want to pass along.


There are a couple ways to successfully activate Soundsoap SE. If you launch Soundsoap SE and choose to activate it you will see the Bias Authorization Manager window. This may change in the near future, but right now the authorization manager shows Soundsoap SE by default in the activation window. Tthis is the wrong item. Instead you need to click the button to SHOW ALL PRODUCTS. Scroll down the list of products until you reach the bottom where you'll see one with Toast in the name. Select that and enter your authorization code.


Alternatively you can enter the authorization by accessing the Soundsoap for Toast plugin via the Audio Units window within Toast. In this case the correct product is selected by the Bias Authorization Manager. You access the Audio Units window by adding an audio file to Toast's audio or convert windows and clicking on AU under the effects heading.


I encountered an additional difficulty. I have purchased other Bias products and already had a Bias Authorization Manager app present in my Applications folder. For some reason this wasn't replaced with the newer version when Soundsoap SE for Toast was installed. So my authorization manager didn't include the Soundsoap for Toast product. I had to remove the old authorization manager and run the Soundsoap SE installer again to get the new authorization manager to appear.

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Hi all.


Just read that BIAS-Inc went to the wall in June this year (2012). Be very careful if you got the Soundsoap SE bundle, as you will not be able to activate it now (confirmed the activation servers have been turned off). If you move to another Mac, it might be impossible to get this software to work again.


Does Roxio have a workaround at all? I realise it is not Roxio's fault that Bias have gone, but it would seem that they should not (if they still are) bundle it with Toast 11.


Also Soundsoap SE upgrades are no longer available.



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