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Repairing Vcr & Remote Controls


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For those that might be interested. Found a company that has repair kits for old VCRs and remote control devices. Have an old model Mitsubishi VCR, but good quality. VCR wouldn't rewind vhs tapes. Got a repair kit that solved the problem. The repair kit consists of 3 belts, a tire and a pinch roller for the Mitsubishi. Also had two TV/VCR remotes that had a few buttons that no longer worked. This kit consists of a conductive material (silver/carbon) that is dabbed onto the rubber buttons to repair conductivity. The only caveat is that the infrared bulb must be working. If one or more of the buttons on the remote communicate with the TV/VCR then it can be repaired. Here's the website address for Studio Sound Electronics-www.studiosoundelectronics.com. The service is great. Sent an e-mail to the company this past Sunday. Got a response that same day. Ordered the kits on Sunday. Received the order today. The cost was $14.95 for the VCR repair kit and $15.95 for the remote control repair kit. The total cost was less than the cost of buying one new remote control.

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